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About Eearth Culture

Belief and knowledge bought into effect by practice.
The vet believes that the orangutan deserves a check up, she knows how to do it, and she acts accordingly.

About Eearth Culture

Eearth Culture was founded in August, 2016 by sustainability practitioner, Guy Lane.

Eearth is a social enterprise that seeks to make Western Society sustainable and make things better for people and the environment.

Learn about the experiences that informed Guy's work on Eearth.

Guy's Story: In my twenties, I worked on oil exploration ships. It was a great job for a young man; there was lots of travel and the money was good. But everywhere we went, we trashed the place: tons of plastic waste thrown into the sea. We even ran an oil ship aground on a coral reef. Despite all this, no one got into trouble. I knew there had to be a better way, so I went to university to learn environmental science. Since then, I have been aware of what we humans were doing to the planet. It’s deadly serious, but our western culture, business and political leaders don’t treat it so.

Scientists have understood climate change since 1905, but until now, practically nothing’s been done to prevent it. In the time that I’ve been alive, half the world’s living organisms have been killed off. Our planet is dying and it needn’t be this way. A sustainable, happy world is possible if we want it.

For fifteen years, I have been seeking wisdom about what we ought to believe, know and do to ensure that we don’t undermine the natural systems that make our planet habitable for humans. I created Eearth Culture to these ideas into the public and hopefully bring about a mass-awakening for sustainability and human happiness.

You can help make this happen.

Guy Lane – Founder – Eearth Culture – July 2017.

The Eearth Culture Concept

Eearth Culture believes that an unsustainable culture can become sustainable through the widespread adoption of a sustainable counter-culture. The sustainable counter-culture uses the dominant culture as a frame of reference, and then systematically proposes changes that:

  • remove some elements
  • add some elements
  • enhance some elements
  • reduce some elements

Eearth Culture is advised by Blue Ocean Strategy, environmental science, Buddhist philosophy and plain-old common sense.

Eearth Culture was created in Western Society (Australia) and so has its focus on Western Society. However, the concepts are being developed such that they can be applied to any unsustainable society.

What Western People Believe

The dominant beliefs of our Western society include a mixture of the following:

  • Consumerism is a natural human trait
  • Capitalism is the best economic model
  • The role of business is to maximize short term profit for shareholders
  • Corporations can be legal persons, but animals (e.g. whales) can not
  • Humans deserve rights, but the atmosphere, the ocean and the rivers don’t
  • Eternity in heaven awaits us if we are 'good'
  • We are living in the End Times, and the destruction of Earth is inevitable
  • Sports professionals and film stars deserve to be treated like heroes

Unfortunately, these beliefs lead to unsustainable actions that undermine the natural living systems on Earth, upon which all humans depend.

We need a new worldview - and fast !

We need a new way of seeing the world that helps guide people to the actions that will restore our planet's environment and ensure that the human population is happy. This world-view needs to co-exist with other belief systems, so that everyone can take part in it.

Based on science and common sense, Eearth is a new, integrated system of belief, knowledge and practice (see below) that is devoted to sustainability and happiness.

Eearth is unique because it is both contemporary and sustainable.

- Contemporary because it keeps up to date with the most recent scientific understanding of the environment, and the latest ideas about the actions needed to create a rapid transition to a sustainable global economy.

- Sustainable because it demands a functioning biosphere, without which there can be no humans on Earth.

Eearth's Core Elements

Has anyone seen my glasses?

Eearth Belief: We humans do what we believe. However, our beliefs are so ingrained that we never question them. In fact, we cannot see our beliefs until they are pointed out to us. It is like when you can't find your glasses, only to realise that you are still wearing them. Eearth Culture offers a number of Beliefs that help to frame our actions.

Eearth Knowledge: Eearth advises on Knowledge that helps us to act in a manner consistent with making Wester Society Sustainable.

Eearth Practice: Without action, there are just ideas. Eearth advises a spectrum of Practices that help to cememnt the knowledge and belief into action.

The Big Questions: Eearth provides answers of the Big Questions in life about 'Why are we here?' and 'What happens when we die?'.

Eearth Celebrations: Eearth Celebrations help to foster community and create shared culture. Eearth celebrates the Full Moon Rise, and Eearth New Year, and there are others in development.

Eearth is not a religion. Instead, it is a secular, pluralistic and open system of belief, knowledge and practice that can be adopted by anyone, irrespective of their race, faith or profession. Eearth might also be called a Counter-Culture.

Eearth is non-theistic, which is to say that it does not promote the existence of God or Gods.

In most cases, a belief in Eearth should not be mutually exclusive with faiths. People of faith are invited to adopt Eearth in addition to their existing beliefs.

Eearth encourages all people, whether religious or not, to do everything in their power to restore and protect the natural biological systems of our only planet and foster happiness, world-wide.

In most religions, there is some reference to a one-ness between humans and nature. Some contemporary initiatives to focus on sustainability include the Pope's Encyclical, and the Islamic Declaration on Climate Change, plus, Morrocco's solar powered Mosques.

The links below take you to the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale and show the extent to which ecology is expressed in the world's major religions.

Baha'i Buddhism Christianity Confucianism
Daoism Hinduism Indigenous Islam
Jainism Judaism Shinto  


About Eearth Culture's Logo

Eearth's logo was created in Septemer 2016 and refined over the subsequent months.

The outer circle represents Earth's biosphere, the living skin on the surface of the planet. The missing section at the bottom indicates that the biosphere is less that whole, today.

The inner circles represent (a) the physical, non-living part of our planet (b) human society (c) the living systems of our world (e.g. Planetary Boundaries).

The logo also suggests a coccolithophore, in honor of the world's plankton. It also speaks to a blastocyst, frog eggs, and there is even a three bladed wind-turbine in the middle.

It also has a passing resemblence to a halo. Halos have been used in artwork for thousands of years to represent 'enlightenment'. We think that is fitting.

Become Enlightened About Today's World
The word 'enlightenment' means to learn the reality of something. Reality is not an abstract concept, or something broadly open to opionion. Instead, it is rooted in the real world, the objective world of what is. And 'what is' is pretty scary, and also pretty exciting, at the same time. Understandably, some people will be apprehensive about learning about how things really are. But, from knowing the truth of things comes the power of being able to manage them, and share your enlightenment with others. From enlightenment come personal empowerment.
Find an Exciting Mission in Life
In a world that is rapildy shifting to a new state, there are many new opportunities arising. Many new challenges call for people to step forward and take the lead.
Achieve Personal Growth
Expanding the scope of the things that we identify with and have concern for gives us more opportunities to discover our hidden talents, new parts of our psyches and capabilities. When you bring the entire biosphere and human civilization into your circle of concern, you can't help but grow to fill the task.
Discover Global Trends That Shape the Future
We hear about electric and driverless cars, solar and wind as key driving forces, but what about the relationship between sea-surface temparture and phytoplankton biomass - that's not so frequently discussed, and yet portends much greater change for civilization than technological developments. Learn about the big biophysical trends that underpin all the others: the nine big Earth systems.
Find Your Ecological Self
Can you complete this sentence: Hi, my name is............, I am the part of nature that............ ? When you find your ecological self, you identify with that part of nature that you most resonate with as an agent of positive change. You may move from being the part of nature that destroys itself, to the part of nature that protects itself.
Get Answers to Life Big Questions
Using science, Buddhism and common sense as guides, Eearth answers the big questions without the need to reference religious viewpoints. Where did life originate? Where did we humans come from? Why are we here? What happens to us after we die? These questions and more are definitively answered in a frame that fosters environmental sustainability and human wellbeing.
Meet Like Minded People
One of Eearth's practices is to 'look out for fellow Eearth People'. Look out for, in this sense means protect the interests of, and seek them out. Eearth People gain strength in numbers. Through Eearth, you will meet people who share interests in a fact-based assessment of the world that fosters enlightenment and understanding for sustainability and human well-being.
Find New Business Ventures
Transition to the sustainable future entails an enormous amount of commerce. Replacing three billion internal engines, 300 million tonnes per annum of petroleum based plastic, and 96 million barrels of crude oil a day with algae biofuels, are the anchors of a global transformation in which trillions of dollars will change hands for goods and services, and millions of new brands will be formed. You could be part of this new commercial revolution.
Find Pathways to Contentment
Eearth Culture has two principal goals: environmental sustainability, and human wellbeing, a key part of which is happiness. We are advised by Positive Psychology and the three part of happiness that puts happiness into hyperdrive.
Partake in Ceremonies that Celebrate Nature
Eearth Full-Moon events are held every 28 days, anywhere in the world where the sky is visible. Eearth New Year, on 16 July, is a celebration not to be missed and celebrates - with a bang - the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch.
Discover How to Save the Planet*
Of course, saving the planet, as an expression, is just plain wrong. Nonetheless, Eearth helps people understand the nine big Earth systems that need to be protected if we humans are to enjoy a Long Future on this planet. Protect these nine planetary boundaries, and Save the Planet*.
Learn About Issues of Transition & Collapse
You can't prepare for what you don't know. So, part of Eearth's curriculum for the long future is a frank appraisal of the inevitability of collapse. Will collapse be deep and fatal, or shallow and benign: no one knows, but being versed in the subject is cruicial for being prepared for what comes next. What also comes next is some sort of transition. Again, slow or fast, it's unclear, but it has already started. Get into the game by getting knowledgeable on these critical new phenomena.