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Eearth Beliefs

The Central Belief - The Golden Rule - Mission - Long Natural Happy Together Time - The Biosphere is Sacred - Ecological Self
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Eearth's Central Belief

Our role as humans is to
protect Earth's natural biological systems
and to foster well-being for all people,
for the Long Future.

Eearth's Golden Rule

Eearth's Mission

Eearth's Mission is to bring about:

  • The fair and efficient distribution of freedom, equality, wealth and opportunity for humans, to foster globalised happiness and contentment.

This is underpinned by the:

  • Restoration of natural capital and ecosystem services by regenerating forests, fisheries, farmland, fresh water, fresh air, flora and fauna;

  • Ethical treatment of animals and landscapes, maintaining aesthetics and biological functions;

  • Highly efficient use of sustainably harvested renewable energy - including solar, wind, waves, tides, geothermal and biomass - that is so abundant that it won't foster resource conflict;

  • Cleaning up the mess left behind by the fossil fuel, nuclear and other industries, so that we don't hand this pollution legacy to future generations.


Long Natural Happy Together Time
Long Natural Happy Together Time is a simple exercise to help reinforce the central message of Eearth Culture.

A Long Future awaits us, maybe

Our planet will be habitable for another 1-2 billion years if we don't damage it. To enjoy this Long Future, we need to stop damaging the natural living systems of Earth, and start regrowing them.


Life has existed on our planet for over three billion years, and it will survive for another two billion years, beyond which time our Sun will grow old and die.

While we humans have been here for just a little while, we could enjoy this Long Future, but only if we protect the natural biological systems of this planet, upon which we depend.

We ought to do this because it is sensible and rational, but also because the living systems created us.

The biosphere - the thin veil of life - it's our Eearth Mother; it is sacred - the environment moves in and out of us with every breath.

We ought also to create a world that gives people the opportunity to be the best that they want to be - a world that is efficient and fair and happy.

We are all in this together.

Whether we succeed or fail will depend on how many people choose to play a role in protecting the natural environment and helping to make our planet a happy place to be.

These ideas have been around for decades, but people have been slow to act.

So, it falls upon our generation to get into action.

Time is not on our side and every day that we delay the inevitable change, the less likely will be our success.

So, the change must start today.

The change starts now.


Natural living systems are sacred

The biosphere is our mother, we came from her, we are made of the environment and she moves in and out of us with every breath. we must revere nature as sacred, cele brate her natural cycles.


Happiness is a human right

Around the world, millions of people are sad because they are not free or they are poor. We ought to work towards a world that is fair and gives poeple the opportunity to be the best that they want to be.


We're all in this together

A changing climate affects us all and we all affect it. Everyone can play a role in protecting the environment and helping to make our planet happier. Similarly, if the environment is degraded to the point that it can no longer support us, we all perish together


Time is not on our side

We have squandered 60 years procrastinating about sustainability. Every day we delay the transformation to a zero carbon, sustainable economy, it gets harder to do.

The Biosphere Is Sacred

A story about a mother octopus.

Living organisms have intrinsic value as components of the biosphere, just like your skin cell has value as a part of you. When we view the interconnected living systems as sacred - something to be revered - then we are unlikely to harm them.

Living systems and organisms come in a dazzling array of colours and shapes and lifestyles. One can't help but be boggled and humbled by it all, and so we should be. 

The biosphere provides for us, and we ought to do like wise.


Ecological Self

"I have found my Ecological Self and I am the part of nature that..."

Eearth Culture draws on the idea of Ecological Self, a concept proposed by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess that is associated with the Deep Ecology movement.

Despite having detonated nuclear weapons and heated the planet, we humans never did stop being part of nature. We are composed of the environment, and the environment moves in and out of us on every breath. A human is no less a part of nature than, for example, the phytoplankton.

The phytoplankton is the part of nature that provides the lower rung of the marine food chain, sequesters carbon, produces oxygen, and seeds clouds.

When we humans get Back in Sync with nature, we should be able to identify our own contribution to the functioning of the biosphere, and the progress towards the Long Future.

Thus, we should each be able to complete the sentence: "I am the part of nature that..."

Answering this question is a stepping stone to being able to identify our Ecological Self.

For Eearth Culture, the Ecological Self relates to those things that we identify with, and bring within our circle of concern with respect to fostering the Long Future. Some people nurture injured wildlife, some are renewable energy entrepreneurs, some drive change through politics. All those who have identified with a particular niche or niches within sustainability are said to have found their Ecological Self.

Over The Precipice

In the Road Runner cartoon, Wile E. Coyote frequently over-reaches and runs off a cliff. The unlucky canine then spends a few seconds in suspended gravity contemplating his fate before he plummets to the bottom of the ravine.

This is an appropriate analogy for human civilisation with respect to the global sustainability crisis. We humans have run off the cliff and we are now half-way through our two seconds of mid-air contemplation. We have just one second left to pivot, and grab the edge of the cliff.

Some commentators who are familiar with the situation suggest that we are already falling. The question is whether hitting the valley floor will kill, or merely maim us. Will we lose all of the humans, or just most of them?

Wile E Coyote, momentarily suspended in mid-air, has just a second to pivot and grasp the edge of the cliff, or plummet to his death.

This is where humanity is today, with respect to climate change & sustainability.

Will we pivot or plummet?

It is said that we humans have to be in a crisis before we react; a sentiment is expressed in the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Here, Keanau Reeves plays Klaatu, the spaceman who has come to wipe the humans off Planet Earth in order to preserve the biosphere.

John Cleese plays Professor Bernhardt who argues 'it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve'.

The flaw in this argument is that with respect to Earth Systems issues, when you are on the brink, it is too late to change. And we are already over the precipice.

Thus, there is no time to lose. Transition starts now.

The Purpose of the Firm

We often hear that the purpose of the firm is to maximise short term profit for shareholders. This is a relatively new idea and it's totally unsustainable. Eearth believes that the purpose of the firm is to support the natural living systems of our home planet and to foster human happiness, and then to make a profit.

In the video below, John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, tells a different story.

Earth is for Earthlings

Earth is the home planet for the humans and the only planet we need. It's an awesome planet; it's got an atmosphere, forests, oceans. We should celebrate the great planet we have, and that if we look after it, we won't need another planet for at least another billion years.

So, we should stop 'looking for' another planet to live on, as this is a distraction from 'looking after' this one.

Sending humans to Mars is one of the most ludicrous and destructive ideas around today. Why spend half a trillion dollars to put flags and footprints on a dead planet, when the living planet is dying of neglect.

We humans have yet to develop the emotional maturity to keep our ourselves alive on a living planet; so how long are we likely to fare on a dead one? Do we really think that the humans who end up on Mars aren't going to suffer the same issues with respect the human condition. It will be a thousand times worse. We will all end up like the Martian Cat.

The proposed manned missions to Mars fosters the idea that there are two planets suited to human habitation, when in fact there is just one: Planet Eearth, home of the Eearthlings.

MARS 1,002,017

With all that said, eventually, Mars might be the best option for the human race as our sun will eventually die. But that's not for 1 - 2 BILLION YEARS. So lets make a ruling on this. Let's stop talking about going to Mars for a million years.

Maybe we humans will have grown up by then.

Women's Business

With reference to fertility, women ought to make the substantive choices, not men.

Today, men dominate the military, the economy, politics and religion. They should show some humility and not use this power to force women to do their bidding.

One of the three executive orders Mr Trump signed on his first Monday morning as president, was to reinstate the so-called Mexico City Policy.

The rule forces NGOs to agree to “neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations” as a prerequisite for federal funds. It does not matter if non-US funds are being used for the abortions.

For a man, the act of procreation is a simple issue.

Women, on the other hand, have to gestate, parturate, lactate and be the main physical carer of the child for 16 plus years. They take the physical risk of bearing and delivering the child. They suffer the physiological changes to their bodies. And they sacrifice their careers and personal freedoms for the child. In short, they do all the work.

If men want a say in fertility issues, they should have that say with their feamle parters in an open and honest conversation.

As for decisions about Government funding for family planning and other women's issues, there should be no men involved, except at the invite of the women.

This is particularly so for religious institutions where the perversion of ancient scriptures adds to the muddled-headed thinking of men on women's issues. Religious men have no right to dictate fertility issues for women. None.

Back in Sync-With-Nature

Thousands of years ago, we humans were in-sync with nature; we co-existed with all the other species. Being in-sync with nature isn't necessarily a good thing, as it means that we were easy prey for predators.

Later, we developed 'civilization' and fell out-of-sync with nature, as evidenced by the recent designation of the Anthropocene Epoch.

It is possible that we humans can get back-in-sync with nature and to enjoy the Long Future with her. If we do this, we can help make the biosphere richer and more resilient to stress; by fostering the regrowth of deserts, for example.

Individuals can get back in sync, too. To do this, it is necessary to recognise ourselves as being a part of nature, and not something that is set apart from it. Learn more in the discussion about Ecological Self.

The diagram shows a timeline of humans on Earth. It stretches from our early beginnings 200,000 years ago, to the end of the Long Future in 1 billion years or more.

Presently, we are in the red section, out-of sync with nature.

The structure under the timeline represents the biosphere. In its current form it is shrunken from is prior size and it ordered largely around the interests of humans. When we are back-in-sync, the biosphere will be larger, more resilient, and it won't be dictated by human agenda.