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Much of the world's most wildlife faces extinction this century
unless we humans adopt belief systems that are in-sync with nature. You can help spread the word.

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This is a glossary of words and phrases commonly used in Eearth Belief.

Biosphere - the living skin on the surface of Planet Earth comprising of the atmopshere, ocean, soil, ice, freshwater and all the living things. While most of the living organisms are close to the ground, and in the photic zone and sea floor, the biosphere extends from several kilometers below the Earth's crust all the way up to the stratosphere, where bacteria can be found.

Ecophiny - an ecological epiphany, or a spiritual / emotional awakening to the needs of Planet Earth.

Eearth - or Eearth, or Eearth System, is a new belief system that seeks to foster a transition to a sustainable human economy and globalized happiness. Belief system are the stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of 'reality' and they help shape our actions.

Flux - a word that describes the location of the atoms and molecules that make up a human body before and after their life. It is from the flux that all living creatures are formed.

In-sync - a term that describes how humans can align their interests with those of nature. Prior to the holocene era, we humans were in-sync with nature. However, since the adoption of agriculture and industrialistion, we humans have falled out-of-sync with nature. Human civilization needs to get back-in-sync with nature if we are to enjoy the Long Future.

Intervene - a novel by Guy Lane, the founder of Eearth, that seeks to communicate some Eearthean ideas, particularly the need to transition away from petroleum oil and onto sustainable biofuels.

Lagom - a Viking word meaning 'the right amount'. It is also used as a greeting for Eeartheans.

Long Future - the concept that we humans could live on Earth for another 1 - 2 billion years before the circumstellar habitable zone moves beyond our planet. The habitable zone is orbit around the sun where water can exist in all three phases on Earth - ice, water, and atmospheric vapour. Having ice in these three phases is what makes life possible on Earth. Over time, as our sun ages, and expands, temperatures on Earth will increase eventually killing off all life on Earth. Enjoying the Long Future necessarily requires that we humans don't destroy the natural biological systems of Earth, first.

Mass Ecophiny - an ecological epiphany that happens en masse, i.e. to large numbers of people. This is a necessary precondition of achieving a Long Future. It is believed that the deeper the sustainability crisis gets, the more people will have ecophiny.

Short Future - human extinction or the collapse of civilization in the near future due to climate change, nuclear war and other unsustainable practices.

Synodic - the lunar cycle that is defined by the visible (from Earth) full and new moons. There are 12.35 synodic lunar cycles per annum.

Natural Biophysical Systems - this term is used extensively through Eearth. It refers to the global-scale naturally occuring systems that are structural elements that support life on Earth. They incude the nitrogen, carbon and hydrological cycles, the climate system etc. When the human economy works within the constraints of these systems, rather than against them, we will be on the path to the Long Future.

Superclass - a term that describes the powerful economic elite who run the world so badly. They go by other names including billionaires, power elite, the Davos Club, plutocrats and the Great Unplugged. Achieving the Long Future necessarily involves encouraging these people to make appropriate decisions.

The Blip of Life - a concept that helps us understand that while our lives seem long while we are living it, our existence is just the briefest period when viewed from the perspective of the time that is before and after us.

The Moogh - a novel by Guy Lane, the founder of Eearth, that seeks to communicate some Eearthean ideas, particularly planetary boundaries and Long Future.