Eearth Culture
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Fostering Mass-Ecophiny

What is ecophiny?

Ecophiny is an 'ecological ephiphany' - an emotional, spiritual or intellectual awakening to the realisation that humans are an integral part of nature, and that we must change our ways if we want to live in balance with her.

If we can foster Mass Ecophiny, enrolling millions of people into action for sustainability, we can save the planet.

The word ecophiny was first publicised 11 July, 2016 in a blog post As Near Term Extinction draws nearer, it's time for a mass-ecophiny and is once of the founding concepts of Eearth Culture.

What is the symbolism of the logo?

The logo is an adaptation of the Uffington White Horse, a piece of artwork etched into a hillside in the UK. The horse is about 3,000 years old, dating back to the Bronze / Iron age.

The horse has survived the Romans, the Dark Ages, World War I, World War II and countless storms and political cycles. It is a symbol of something that endures, and it speaks to a primal connectivity with the Earth that has been long lost from Western culture. The horse was built by hand, with no fossil fuels. If it is not maintained, it gets overgrown with foliage, but noneless, remains.

How to foster Mass-Ecophiny?

Fostering Mass Ecophiny is a must, if we humans are to survive this century, but it is unclear how to do that. We have made a start with a few ideas, below, including some Thought-Provoking Questions and the Empathy Generator.

Thought-Proving Questions

How bad does it have to get before we take action?

How quickly can we can turn the world around, once we decide to act?

How much do you want to risk letting the planet die?

How many people do you think are actually paying attention to sustainability issues?

Do you really believe that nature can't just wipe us out again?

Do we deserve a beautiful planet if we can't look after it?

Some people are active. Are you a peddler or a whistler?

Do you believe that we can all live happily ever after on Mars if we destroy Earth?

Do you really think that reconciling civilization with nature is easy?

Do you really think that the political class gives a shit about the planet?

Do you really believe that terrible things can't happen to human civilization?

Do you honestly believe that the business elites have the interest of the planet at heart?

Empathy Generator

This is a prototype empathy generator. It is designed to help you grow empathy for planet Earth's living systems. It is comprised of two short videos, set to music. At the beginning and the end is a simple statement.

For best results watch it all the way through without distraction. It runs for about four minutes. Soak it up.