Eearth Culture
making western society sustainable

Eearth Practices


Knowing and believing are important, but in themselves, they do not change the physical world. To change things for the better, it is necessary to do.

Eearth Practices describe the things that need to be done in order to reduce the chances and severity of collapse and to imporve the opportunity of transition.

The first element of Eearth practice is Eearth's Mission.


Eearth's Mission is to bring about:

- The efficient use of sustainably harvested renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, waves, tides, geothermal and biomass, that are so abundant that they will never not foster resource conflict;

- The profitable restoration of natural capital and ecosystem services by regenerating forests, fisheries, farmland, fresh water, fresh air, flora and fauna;

- The fair and efficient distribution of freedom, equality, wealth and opportunity that leads to globalised happiness.


To fulfil the Eearth Mission, we need to speed up the evolution of Western Culture in order to make it fair, inclusive and sustainable.

The diagram shows some of the key ideas that foster this cultural evolution.

This process will be accelerated by undertaking Eearth Practices.

Eearth is given effect by twelve practices that can be remembered by the following mnemonic:

B - S - U - S - T - A - I - N - A - B - L - E

Eearth practices should be considered with reference to the rest of the material on this website. They are summed-up in the below diagram.


Be Happy and Foster Happiness

Eearth People ought to be happy and seek to foster happiness in others.


Support Sustainable Enterprise

Eeartheans should support sustainable enterprises. We need to quickly replace and reinvent most of the world's energy supply and materials and this requires innovators, entrepreneurs, early adopters and investors.


Ubiquitous, Eearth Should Be

To be successful in averting the Short Future, Eearth practices need to be everywhere - ubiquitous. To that extent, Eeartheans should be comfortable to enrol others into Eearthean practices. Not only people can adopt Eearth, so too can business and other organisations.


Speak Truth to Power

The powerful people who run the world so badly need to be held to account for their poor performance. Powerful people can be a force for good or bad. If bad, then we must not fear to hold them to account for their behaviour and compel them to change. Addressing sustainability necessarily requires ensuring that those who have power wield it sustainably. Eeartheans are encouraged to speak truth to power when necessary.


Treat Eearth with Gravitas

The Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur would have been real scary, and to be taken seriously. So too with sustainability. Eeartheans ought to treat matters of sustainability with gravitas. The T-Rex went extinct, remember.


Aspire to Intellect and Excellence

Keep learning, be top of your class. Seek to understand as much of the sustainability problematique as you can. We can save the planet if we we are clever and informed. Keep up to date with events and be a specialist in your sustainability field, and share with others.


Internalise Eearth, Live it Every Day

Internalise Earthean beliefs so that you express them through the way you live your life. They can express in your home, what you wear, what you eat, how you travel, and what you celebrate. Eearthean celebrations fall on the new and full Moon, equinoxes and solstices - that's 28 reasons to celebrate a year.


Not to be Fearful of What Comes Next

Be brave, because Eeartheans seek to change the trajectory of the entire global economy. We will also have to witness the many tragedies that are already locked in, with full understanding of what is happening. Much will be lost before the Long Future is assured, so be without fear. Furthermore, your convictions may take you to places that you fear. Fear is natural in these situations; what makes the difference is how you deal with that fear.


Ask Nature for Advice

Anthills have informed the design of sustainable buildings. Learn from nature and emulate her success. She has been performing due diligence on systems and materials for over three billion years. Consider nature as a go to guide for answers. The official name for this is biomimicry.


Be Mindful of How You Earn and Spend Money

Be mindful of how you earn and spend money. Consider your job, is it contributing to the Long Future or the Short Future, or doing something neutral? Would you be better suited in a role that better helped you internalize your Eearthen belief, driving the changes necessary to achieve the Long Future.


Look Out for Fellow Eeartheans

Lagom is a Viking word for 'not too much and not too little', just the right amount. Lagom has been adopted by Eearth as a greeting from one Eearthean to another. Look out for other Eeartheans, which is to say seek them out, and protect their interests, trade with them, socialise with them, be there for them. We can prevail with around 15% of the population, but only if we stick together.


End the Era for Fissil Fuels ASAP

Eeartheans ought to do what they can to help quickly end the rule of the global fossil fuel industry. In the first instance, seek to live with less fossil fuel, and then to live without them. Use renewable energy and divest from fossil fuel stocks. If you have power, use it to wind the industry up ASAP.

Mindful of income & expenditure

We ought to be mindful of how we make our money and how we spend it. There are so many other things worthy of your money. 

You are more likely to be remembered if you spend your money on something enduring, like fostering happiness and sustainability, for example.