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Ella, the famous Selfie Monkey, is the self-appointed representative of all living things.
Ella wants you to support Eearth today. Image used with permission from copyright owner, David J Slater.

Burn Eearth Moon-Fires

Eearth Moon-Fires are made to be burnt.

When the Moon-Fire is burnt, carbon dioxide and water vapour are released into the atmosphere. As the forest from which the wood originated is still growing, it draws in carbon di-oxide and water vapour from the atmosphere to form the material in the growing trees. By burning the Moon-Fire, you are consciously contributing to the carbon and hyrdrological cycle.

The ‘conscious’ effort, is important because it draws attention to the fact that we subconsciously contribute the carbon cycle every day, by burning fossil fuels. The difference between burning fossil fuels and sustainably harvested timber, is that the fossil fuel CO2 does not get drawn back down into the coal mine or oil well from where it came; instead, it stays in the atmosphere, heating the planet, or gets drawn into the sea causing ocean acidification.

The Eearth Moon-Fire Ceremony helps people make the distinction between carbon that cycles, and carbon that doesn't cycle. In this way, each Full Moon becomes a cause for a celebration that fosters dialogue about environmental sustainability.

Buy Eearth Moon-Fires

A selection of Eearth apparel is available and under development.

While we strive for the highest levels of environmental sustainability in our product range, we are in the early stages of finding suppliers. See note below.


Note: Eearth seeks to make available a wide selection of merchandise that meets the highest standard of ecological sustainability. We are undertaking a process of identifying suppliers for these products. Eeartheans are encouraged to consider the environmental footprint of any product they buy. If you buy it, nurture it, and if or when it is time to dispose of it, do so in the most sustainable fashion.

Eearth novels are written by Eearth founder, Guy Lane. There are seven titles and more underway. They are available as ebooks and paperbacks. All have sustainability themes and resonate with the underlying themes of Eearth Culture.